Fun & Informative

 Three days of speakers and workshops aimed at brining technology into your school.

Enrich Learning

 By using the latest technology to engage students.

Skills Across the Board

 Teachers, technology directors and administrators will all benefit from this conference.

Build Connections

 An opportunity to connect with peers and experts who share your commitment and challenges.

Are you interested in being a presenter or a poster presenter?

We’re looking for presenters! This year there are three options: the standard 50-minute session, the more casual poster session, and the two-hour workshop. Regardless of which type of session you chose to present, you might want to consider such things as student voice and choice, personalized learning, STEM, blended learning, 21st-century skills, or any other innovative ways to integrate technology across the curriculum. Please submit your proposal by April 1, 2018.

If you’re interested in presenting a 50-minute session, think about how you might quickly share information, and then engage participants in a discussion or in a short, hands-on activity. Teachers want to hear what works for you in your classroom with your students.

A poster session is a more casual presentation. Teachers share a successful technology-infused project with other TICL attendees in a show-and-tell like setting. A good poster session centers on one main theme, showcases useful information, and stimulates discussion. During the last hour of lunch on Monday, individual tables will be available for you in one assigned room to show posters, handouts, and/or sample student work. As attendees finish with lunch, they will be free to move from table to table to hear about the projects and engage in discussion with you.

Workshops are two hours in length. In these sessions, participants will be engaged in hands-on learning. They will walk away with ideas to embed this new technology into their curriculum or how to use a familiar technology in a new way.

About TICL

Learn more about the TICL Conference & discover why you should attend.

The 9th TICL Conference

We have an exciting and informative conference planned for 2018. Keynote speaker, Eric Cuts (need brief little bio).

The 2018 TICL Conference offers many fun and informative opportunities to connect with peers and experts who share your commitment – and your challenges. Teachers, technology directors, TLC teacher leaders and administrators will all benefit from this conference.


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Technology Integration & Instruction for the 21st Century Learner, (TICL 2018) (Class ????)